Construction launch ceremony of Ashgabat – Turkmenabat highway is started

January 24, 2019

Ceremony of construction launch of Ashgabat – Turkmenabat highway was held. As it was informed at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on January 11, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the decree, having authorized CJSC "Türkmen Awtoban", the member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, to make project design and construction of Ashgabat – Turkmenabat highway and its facilities.

This decision is aimed at successful implementation of set objectives for comprehensive involvement of geo-economic potential of our country by creation of transport and transit corridors as well as improvement of the role of private sector in national economy of the country, its integration to regional and international system of multimodal communication.

The document assigns to start works in January 2019 and to complete the construction of the highway and all facilities in three phases until December 2023.

Highlighting the importance of this project for Turkmen economy and interstate cooperation, the Head of the State noted active role of national entrepreneurs in the implementation of the programmes of social and economic development of the country including the formation of modern industrial and transport infrastructure.

The President of the Turkmenistan also said that pursuing the policy of neutrality and open doors, our country aims at the expansion of international cooperation, increment of volumes of trade turnover with other states. Implementation of transit potential also meets economic interests of neighbouring countries, supports the establishment of firm logistic connections in the continent and the consolidation of trustful partnership, stability and sustainable development in general.

We would continue providing government support to small and medium business, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said. This support is aimed at creation of multisectoral market economy, improvement of life level of the population and its wealth, which is the main line of our policy, the Head of the State highlighted. Signing the Resolution on Construction of Ashgabat – Turkmenabat highway, the Head of the State noted that this is historical moment in development of national entrepreneurship, which enters new level of professional growth and social responsibility.

The significance of this historical event was highlighted by the laying of foundation stone ceremony, which was held near Ashgabat.

Deputies of the Mejlis, officials of Ahal Velayat, representatives of ministries and departments, different facilities, public organizations and mass media as well as entrepreneurs, elders and youth took part in the ceremony.

Deputy Hyakim of Ahal Velayat and honoured elders addressed welcome speech to the participants. They have made special mention of huge trust and great support that the state gives to private sector, which received rapid development in the country.

The entrepreneurship does not only perform economic function but also is closely connected to all spheres of life of the society, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says highlighting that national business as a catalyst of innovative processes has leading role in national model of modern economy of the country.

Bright exhibitions of national decorative and applied art, performances of bakhshys, popular singers and dance bands have been organized under the event. All of these added bright colours and festive mood to the participants. After symbolical laying of the foundation stone of future road, which marked the start of construction of the first speedy highway, the participants watched the video.

Therefore, the implementation of another large-scale project has started in Turkmenistan. Construction of 600 km Ashgabat – Turkmenabad highway will considerably increase throughput capacity of road system of the country, quality and operation of logistic services, will expand international transport and transit infrastructure and trade and economic relations with neighbouring states located along the Silk Road.

Hugh speed road will give the opportunity to increase the volumes of cargo traffic across the territory of Turkmenistan. It will open great perspectives in transport cooperation sphere with neighbouring Uzbekistan. It will give direct exit of cargo flows to International Port on Caspian Sea and farther by sea to Caucasus, Europe, South of Russia, to the north of Iran, Persian and Oman Gulfs after connection with Ashgabat – Turkmenbashy highway.

Giving instructions for the project of construction of the highway, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made special mention of the importance of using of advanced practice and innovative technologies in road construction.

The highway will have eight lanes – three main and one auxiliary on each side of the road. The width of the road will be 34.5 meters. The route will start from the intersection, which will be built at the 24th kilometre of Ashgabat – Dashoguz road. Payment terminals, which will provide electronic payments, traffic control services and recreation area will be located at the same place.

Four bridges across the rivers, four bridges across the railways, 22 bridges at the crossing with other roads will be built along the highway. Special passages for animal crossing will also be built. It will have 76 underground pedestrian crossings, water diversions, bridges across mudflow river beds, intersections and other facilities.

It is planned to build 10 stations for necessary maintenance of the highway. The traffic will be controlled by special system of video surveillance, which will collect, store and transfer all data of the traffic to traffic control service. The system will receive the weather forecast including such information as humidity, visibility and other.

Special telephone stations connected with control centre for emergency calls and assistance will be located along the highway.

According to the Resolution of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the first part of the highway Ashgabat – Tejen will be opened in December 2020, the second section, Tejen – Mary, - in December 2022 and the third from Mary to Turkmenabat in December 2023.

By the work order of Türkmen Awtoban CJSV, which the general contractor of the facility, the construction and planning works of the highway and adjoin territories will be carried out by private companies.

The grant to the amount of 2,300,000,000 US dollars by the Government for this project indicates huge attention paid in our country to the formation of strong competitive and socially responsible business and to the creation of favourable environment for its development. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov trusts important objectives to entrepreneurs relying on their professionalism, competency and capabilities.

It is worth remaining that the President said about the intent to trust the construction of Ashgabat – Turkmenabat highway to entrepreneurs during the meeting with Turkmen businessmen in March 2018 when the State Programme of support of small and medium business in Turkmenistan until 2024, which became another encouragement and stimulation of business community of the country to the growth, has been adopted.

Back then, the Head of the State made special mention of the input of the UIET to the construction of the facilities in white-marble capital, Avaza National tourist zone and other regions of our beautiful country, having highly appreciated the quality of hundreds of social and living facilities built by them. It includes libraries and hotels, shopping and entertainment centres, sport complexes and international airports and many other.

In addition, entrepreneurs participate in the development of new branches of national economy including in industrial processing of mineral reserves using the latest technology.

The Head of the State notes that private producers make deserving input to the provision of food security of the country. They successfully implement the state programmes in this sphere making the most part of agricultural production and industrial goods in Turkmenistan increasing the export volumes.

Private Turkmen construction companies have also entered foreign markets. Kindergarten in the Republic of Moldova and secondary school in Astrakhan Region, Russian Federation are very good examples.

Opening of representative offices of the UIET in the People’s Republic of China, United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Austria supports the expansion of international relations and increment of trade turnover of Turkmenistan with other countries. Trading houses and centres work and promote Turkmen production in Xining, China, Bishkek, the Kyrgyz Republic, in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gives special role to entrepreneurs in the development of innovative economy urging the businessmen to open high technology production facilities using local materials.

Ore dressing facility for production of potassium fertilizers, which Turkmen businessmen will built in Tyubigatan potassium deposit in Lebap Velayat, has to become such facility. According to initial calculations, it will produce 3.5 million tons of potassium ore and 700 thousand tons of potassium chloride per year. The state has allocated significant investments for this project.

It is worth mentioning that Avaza National tourist zone was transferred under the authority of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists. The President of Turkmenistan has a credible trust in the efficiency of this measure both in near future and in long-term perspective as well.

According to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, these are the flexibility and mobility of business, its understanding of market situation, rapid education, energy and proactivity, creativity, which are necessary in modern ever-changing economic realities to make a breakthrough and create a new splash of prosperity. The government took all measures for this, it gives green light to the boldest ideas and beginnings under significant support of Turkmen leader.

Using efficiently the opportunities given by the Government, the entrepreneurs actively develop modern production and marketing technologies. National Barcode Organization has been founded under the support of the UIET. Barcoding of the production made in Turkmenistan is on high demand in the world markets. Equipment and facility bas of Turkmen business, infrastructure of private production sector provided with advanced equipment from foreign manufacturers are improved. Last year, big administration, business and shopping complex of 100 facilities built by the entrepreneurs has been opened in Ashgabat.

Undoubtedly, that local business will receive better development and demonstrate new success and achievements in this year under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity”. Started construction of Ashgabat – Turkmenabat highway is a promising guarantee of this development.

This highway is one of the biggest transport projects in our country. Its completion will provide motor transport cargo traffic with fast entry to diversified system of roads stretching up to Asian Pacific region. Therefore, new high speed transport main, which will stimulate the rhythm of regional economy, having provided fast and cost effective delivery of goods to big distances, will appear in Turkmenistan.

This route is required by the objectives of diversification of transit and logistic network, economic complex of the country, business and entire system of international relations of Turkmen state. In this context, constructive character of the initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov aimed at the optimization of beneficial partnership in transport and communication sector is worth to be mentioned.

Appropriateness and need for these proposals are obvious as transport sphere is one of the main segments of the world economy, which makes direct effect on stability and balance of the world economic relations and plays an important role in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.

The potential of our country in logistics of transport flows is very impressive taking into account the construction and opening of transnational railroad Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran, modern automobile and railway bridges across Amudary River, Kerky – Ymamnazar – Akina railroad, the first section of International Asian Transport corridor, new Turkmenbashy International Seaport.

In addition, our specialists built Serhetabat (Turkmenistan) – Turgundy (Afghanistan) railroad, which opening implemented the idea of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on connection of Afghanistan to transport and logistic system of Turkmenistan and to international communication network.

Traffic by Lazuli Route has been opened in the end of the last year. First test motor caravan has arrived from Afghan Herat to Serhetabat, from where it went to Turkmenbashy International Seaport. Further, the route continued across Caspian Sea to Baku International Seaport, Azerbaijan and farther to Turkey.

Steadfast integration to the world transport system and further expansion of the infrastructure on the main roads, connecting routes and hubs of the East – West and North – South directions are among the main objectives outlined by the Head of the State in the nearest future.

The President highlights that formation of important transport corridors in these directions is very important in the context of the implementation of the goals of revival of the Silk Road and connection of economic poles of Eurasia. It also means the opportunity of connection to international transport system in southern and eastern directions with the entry to China, India, Pakistan, Asian Pacific and Middle East countries.

Foreign strategy of the head of the State is based on the vision of Central Asia and Caspian basin region as a strong link of strategic stability in Eurasia and the vision of Turkmenistan as reliable partner for all interested countries and as transport and transit hub of continental significance at the same time. In this aspect, Ashgabat – Turkmenabat highway has to become an important component of this multimodal logistic system.

The State News Agency of Turkmenistan