The “Ashgabat-Turkmenabad” high-speed autobahn will meet the international standards for logistics services, increase international transit and strengthen transport infrastructure, as well as help boost trade between neighboring countries.
In order to meet the highest quality standards CJSC „Turkmen Awtoban“ is consistent that the quality management ensures an works, materials and services in accordance with ISO, EN and AASHTO standards.
The CJSC „Turkmen Awtoban“ follows four main components: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Together with VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT the CJSC „Turkmen Awtoban“ are planned the systems approach considers the various elements of the entire system. In the 9001 model, this comprises five main components of:

Quality Management

Quality Assurance

Quality Control

the system as a whole and its processes

  • management responsibility
  • management of resources
  • management of the service or product 'realization' processes (doing/making stuff)
  • management of measurement, analysis and improvement

A set of interrelated or interacting processes, activities or tasks to direct project resources to achieve established quality policy and objectives.

QA involves a continuous evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the overall Quality Management System in order to evaluate the deviation from established quality objectives.

The QC involves specific control points during design, fabrication or construction stages to check the fulfilling of design criteria, acceptance criteria, performance criteria or functional criteria. 

What is generally contained in a QA Project Plan? The QA Project Plan is divided into four basic element groups: 

  1. Project Management;
  2. Project Generation and Realization;
  3. Assessment and Oversight;
  4. Implementation and Usability.