Many centuries ago, through the territory of Turkmenistan, which was called “the cross pass of seven roads”, ran numerous caravan routes that widened trade and cultural cooperation between East and West.

In the history of the Great Silk Road, the role of Turkmenistan occupies a special place. This topic is widely described in the book of the President of Turkmenistan "Turkmenistan - the heart of the Great Silk Road".

In the new historical era of Turkmenistan, the commissioning of the “Ashgabat-Turkmenabat” autobahn will enable the implementation of major international and regional projects in the transport and communications sector, contributing to the strengthening of mutually beneficial trade, economic, cultural, and humanitarian relations between Central Asia and other regions, including the European Union countries and will improve the quality of logistics services, expand international transit transport infrastructure and increase trade.

In order to promote a socially-oriented market economy, a public-private partnership (PPP) became a vital component of the strategy of the President of Turkmenistan in the development and modernization of the socio-economic conditions in the country.

Introducing modern technologies and innovative developments, domestic business is actively involved in the implementation of large industrial and urban planning projects. The President of Turkmenistan supports the idea that the state will continue to provide comprehensive assistance and pay special attention to the further development of entrepreneurship.

The President of Turkmenistan signed a decree on the allocation of CJSC “Turkmen Awtoban” state loan funds for the implementation of the “Ashgabat-Turkmenabat” high-speed highway construction project, which is another indication of the great attention paid in the country for the creation of a strong, competitive and socially responsible business, creation of the most favorable environment for its development.

In addition, in the book of the President of Turkmenistan “Turkmenistan on the way to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”, it is noted that “today the economy of Turkmenistan is characterized by significant investments in industrial projects, relevant infrastructure, and social facilities”.

In close connection with the priorities of the state, CJSC “Turkmen Awtoban” will contribute to the “Ashgabat-Turkmenabat” high-speed highway project:

  • Development of regional and cross-border transport and logistics infrastructure
  • Adaptation of environmentally friendly technologies and innovative industrial processes
  • Investment into the green technologies
  • Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions
  • Development of the tourism industry
  • Creation of the numerous jobs and development of human capital

The main task that CJSC "Turkmen Awtoban" aimed is the promotion of the implementation of government programs that can ensure the sustainable development of Turkmenistan.